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Anti-Flag have just dropped a brand new video from their latest critically acclaimed album American Spring.?? The video is for "All of the Poison, All of the Pain".

The video was shot on tour in Belgium, Austria and Hungary this summer and was directed by Russian ace Maxim Frolov with Fedor Ganyushkin helping in the editing room.

"Anti-poverty, anti-capitalism, anti-war, Anti-Flag… Anti-Flag shows are a celebration of a collective that care about more than just themselves. A safe space where all can be free to be who they are. Free from racism, sexism, homo and transphobia, bigotry of any kind. We can only hope that some of that spirit is captured in this video." – Anti-Flag



Anti-Flag have been spreading their message of unity to the masses for two decades. Through the years, they’ve gone from non-stop tours criss-crossing North America in a dilapidated van to world tours spanning five continents. Born out of Pittsburgh basements, their goal was to become a voice for change within the punk community.

Last year Anti-Flag celebrated 20 years as a band. The band joined forces with Art For Amnesty to release an electrifying version of “Toast To Freedom,” the now-classic commemorative song written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International. The track — inspired by the imprisonment of Russian activist punk band Pussy Riot and benefiting human rights organization Amnesty International – was recorded at the legendary Hansa Studio in Berlin, Germany, and features Donots, Ian D’Sa of Billy Talent, and Bernd of Beatsteaks. From humble beginnings in the Steel Town, Anti-Flag has worked hard to use music as a force for positive change. They are advocates for worker and human rights, environmentalism, animal rights, healthcare, conscientious objectors, prison reform and freedom for political prisoners, equality and peace. They have stood alongside, Michael Moore, Gloria Steinem, MP George Galloway, Billy Bragg, and Congressman Jim McDermott. Anti-Flag has worked with countless organizations. Groups as diverse as PETA, the African Well Fund, Amnesty International, Rainforest Action Network, ACLU, Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, Unionrocks, and the Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (among many others) have always been welcome to make their voices heard through the power of Anti-Flag’s live shows.

Activism has always been the cornerstone for Anti-Flag, from clothing drives to benefit shows, their goal is to not only entertain but more importantly to inform and educate those who share their vision and hope for a better tomorrow. Anti-Flag have lent their ferocious live set to many causes, including the Gay Edge Liberation benefit in Cologne Germany and Positive Force DC. Anti-Flag also brought their punk philanthropy to the UK for Wherever the Need, which supports clean water projects, and Emmaus, an organization that provides the homeless with an opportunity to rebuild their lives in a supportive environment. Anti-Flag previously headed a cross-Canada coat and blanket drive that supported local youth shelters, canned food drives for local food banks, and raised money to build wells in Africa. In addition to raising funds for those who need it most, they’ve created the non-profit organizations Military Free Zone (combating a provision in the No Child Left Behind act that invades students’ privacy for Military Recruitment purposes) and Underground Action Alliance (a networking site for social justice).

As much as Pittsburgh has defined them, the band take their music and message to the world at large. They’ve toured extensively in Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, UK, Australia, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and South America (in addition to the USA and Canada, of course). They’ve appeared on the Big Day Out festival tour in Australia with Rage Against the Machine, Billy Bragg, Arcade Fire and Bjork. They were the only band to play two sets each day at the Leeds and Reading Festivals in England (rocking the main stage and the BBC Lock Up Radio Stage for a total of four sets in 35 hours). They’ve headlined Rhein Kultur, the biggest free festival in Germany, taking their message to a crowd of 50,000, and at Woodstock Poland a record-breaking crowd of 350,000+ people.

Anti-Flag created “Demand In DC”, for Inauguration Day 2009, applauding the empowerment of people thru art, film, and music and in 2012 created their very own festival ANTIfest that debuted in the UK and took place in Germany in 2013.

Anti-Flag’s music and message is a call to action for people of all backgrounds and beliefs to focus on making tomorrow a better place for all. As Anti-Flag celebrates 20 years, they carry the torch forward putting emphasis of the band and every show played on community. As Chris #2 says, “This is an extension of what our vision of punk rock is, was, and will always be.”






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