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Varials are a 5-piece heavy hardcore outfit from Philadelphia, PA. Forming in 2013, the band has come very far in the three short years they've been together. In 2015 alone, the band sold more 1,000 copies in their first week of their debut full-length, Failure//Control, and streaming to well over 100,000 listeners across social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and mostly Spotify and iTunes. The band tours full time, and has shared the stage on tour with bands such as Knocked Loose, Adaliah, Yuth Forever, Currents, and many more bands. They’ve performed at Loud Fest 2015, New England Hardcore and Metal Fest in 2016, and will be performing at this year’s Loud Fest 2016 and Forthright Festival in Columbus, OH.





  • CLAM ROCK 2020
  • PICTURE ON 2020
  • FM4 Frequency Festival 2020
  • NOVA ROCK 2021
  • PICTURE ON 2021
  • FM4 Frequency Festival 2021


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